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Justifying Social Media

Marydee Ojala @ 7:47 am

I’m putting the finishing touches on my slides for my talk on Evaluating, Recommending and Justifying 2.0 Tools. One thing I touch on is how to convince management to let you introduce social media into your workplace, since in some organizations it is blocked. I didn’t expect the Washington Post to be one of them. I was really astonished this morning to read in PaidContent that WaPo has issued Social Media Guidelines that banned reporters from having individual, personal accounts on sites like Twitter. PaidContent has the entire text of the guidelines, which seem extremely onerous to me.

PaidContent Mixer

Marydee Ojala @ 4:59 pm

I went to the PaidContent Mixer tonight in London. It’s their third. ContentNext Media, Inc. now includes the sites paidcontent.org, moconews.net, contentsutra.com, and paidcontent.co.uk.

The speaker at the mixer was Martin Stiksel, one of the three co-founders of Last.fm. Stiksel and company sold to CBS in one of the highest-profile start-up UK-US deals of late for $2.8 million. Interesting comments about licensing. They have to get rights for every country to which they broadcast. Uh, they’re on the Internet, so that’s practically every country in the world! Wow! That’s quite a challenge! He also said the merger with CBS was going well.

During the cocktail hour following the talk, Raj Kotecha, ConentNext’s director of sales and business development for Europe, announced major changes to the corporate structure. Rafat Ali is stepping down as CEO. Taking that position will be Nathan Richardson, whose credentials include previous positions with Dow Jones and Yahoo Finance. Pat Dignan will leave Forbes.com to become the chief sales officer and Charlie Koones, ex-publilsher of Variety, will join the board. Although Raj announced this in halting terms, telling us it was a premature announcment because of a pending Reuters story, the full details were posted to the PaidContent website about an hour and a half before the mixer began. Check there for details.




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